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The LifE of a FangirL



Konnichiwa Minnasan!

All you need to know about me :

-I'm a 22 year old fangirl living in France in Paris.
-I'm a KinKi Kids' fangirl .
-I'm also a KAT-TUN & Kame fan too ♥
-I'm a Kochan crazyfangirl. That guy is perfectly perfect, really talented, his smile kills me and has the most wonderful smile in the world...well I admire all about him .
-AntiKo or Anti KinKi==> Youtachi just go to hell ~

-Sakamoto Maaya is my Goddess ! That girl is a divinity. I Know & love her since her debut. A Natural beauty and the most talented girl I've ever known ♥

-I am also a Jet Li fan . He's GORGEOUS ![I need all his movies on dvds! Don't feel shy & buy them for me♥]

-I also love Asian drama especially Japanese ones,Japanese music(mostly Kinki and KAT-TUN♥ but also a lot of other bands/singers too)

Feel free to add me, I don't bite >.>

Kinki Kids

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